Top News: Dubai Named in Elite Roster of Top 10 Most Budget-Friendly Global City Destinations!

April 27, 2024

Dubai has been identified as a budget friendly urban getaway, outperforming popular travel destinations such as Paris and New York City, as per a recent study.

As per an evaluation conducted by Rustic Pathways, a prominent student travel organization, Dubai has secured the 8th position among the top 10 most visited cities globally in terms of affordability for a one-night stay.

The study investigated various expenses like hotel stays, dining, transportation, recreational activities, drinks and tips. It revealed that the average cost for a one-night stay in Dubai amounts to $465 per person.

While not the most economical choice available, Dubai surpasses major tourist hubs like Paris (at $557 per night) and New York City (at $687 per night) in terms of value for money for a short city escape. Berlin, Germany’s capital city, is identified as the most wallet friendly city examined in the study, offering accommodation for just $266 for one night.

Rustic Pathways CEO, Shayne Fitz Coy, points out the allure of Dubai for tourists, mentioning popular free attractions like The Dubai Fountain and Marina Beach. According to research, lodging is the top expense for Dubai visitors, with an average price of $340 per night for a mid-range double room. The second highest rate compared to New York. On the bright side, transportation within Dubai is quite affordable at an average of just $13 per day.

Considering the increasing costs associated with travel worldwide the research suggests that European cities such, as Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona stand out as choices for budget travelers looking for a high-quality global adventure.

Fitz Coy highlights the rising preference among tourists for holiday opportunities, quick city getaways as an attractive option, for discovering new places without breaking the bank.

Source: Arabian Business

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